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What Is
Observed Trials?

Trials Competition Newspaper is published monthly and reigns supreme as your source for World, National, and Local observed trials information.� Trials Competition, America's Premier Motorcycle Observed Trials Publication, is the "industry reporter" and publication of record on Observed Trials since 1975.Subscribe Today!

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Inside our Latest Edition:
  • "Tennessee: Smage Dominates"
    AMA/NATC Rounds 3 & 4
  • "2009 ITSA Championship Series"
    Southeastern Division Round 4
  • "Raga Retaliates"
    Adam keeps his hopes alive in Italy - Round 5
  • "Fajardo's First"
    First win for Beta's Jeroni Fajardo - Round 6
  • "Summertime at Trials Training Center"
    2009 Youth & Women's Championship East
  • "Pastmaster Tribute Trials"
    First Annual Pastmaster Tribute
  • "Vintage Eye Candy"
    Photos from the Pastmaster Tribute Trial
  • "Lesson 7: Flip Turns"
    Trials Techniques of Ryan Young
  • Half Dabs - News Shorts:
    • Storz Broz in Europe
    • It's Quarry Cup Time
    • Ute Cup Correction
    • Pastmaster T-Shirts
    • 2010 Beta Models Announced
    • Never Too Young to Ride
    • Roper, Harker Take Toronto
    Dealer's Line - New Products:
    • Trial des Nations T-Shirts
    Point Standings - Event Results From Around the Country
  • Events Calendar
  • Classified Ads

  • Vermont National
  • New York National
  • Ryan Young Riding Tips: Part 8 - Roll Ups
  • Stoodley Tips
  • Ute Cup Trials
  • New Products
  • Local, National, and World event coverage

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