What Is Beyond Meditation?

Do you meditate to keep yourself on track? For many years whenever I negotiated my job conditions with a new employer, I also negotiated time to go to my weekly personal meditation session with my then mentor. A lot of employers found it a little strange, but I never had anyone say no!!!

The funny thing was, despite my commitment to the meditation cause, meditation didn’t really ever work for me in the ways I hoped. I spent hours a day meditating for many years and there was very little to show for it – I was still the world’s most incredible over-thinker… and I still did not have the space and peace that I desired.
The Huffington Post talks about the daily habits of wealthy successful business leaders who use meditation and mindfulness techniques to superpower their capacities… that was my target with meditation too– until I became aware of even more creative, generative possibilities that took a lot less time and gave me a lot more ease.

Here’s the thing… meditation is designed to give your brain space. To stop you thinking. To have you just BE. We have been presented with one basic way to meditate – sit still and empty your mind. And while there are lots of variations to that theme, it just doesn’t work for some people.

Now I use other tools to create total space in my brain… and in my body… and these tools exponentialize my awareness far beyond anything I experienced with meditation. I am happier, healthier and way more creative than I ever was when I was meditating. Here’s why…

I let go of having to use the ‘right’ process… and started to use what was actually working for me.
I found other variations of meditation that the purists would judge as ‘wrong’ – and yet they create a greater result for me. I have more space, ease and peace now than I have ever had!
In discovering over 20 ways to create that space, I can have it wherever I am, whenever I need, without having to do something ‘significant’ to create it.

Are you curious yet? What if you had a toolbox that would allow you to create far beyond what most people imagine possible? Here’s three things you can play with to see what works for you!!

Move your body rhythmically – whether it be a run at lunchtime, a walk and talk meeting, or some stretches in a park. Allowing your body to move and being totally present with your body will free up your mind!
Ask questions. My current favourites are “What space can I be right now? How much space can I be here?” And you don’t even have to ask out loud – ask quietly in your head while everyone around you is losing theirs and you may be surprised at what shows up!!!
BE present. When we are present with what is, rather than what ‘should’ be, we tap into an awareness that is different to the busyness in our head. What if you BE with what is and stop judging it? Have you noticed how much head chatter is actually judgment of what is right or wrong? What if it just is? And what if you can contribute your presence and energy to creating something different… IF that is what you desire?

And know this… whatever works for you works for you… please stop trying to fit into other people’s realities around what works for them! So many well-meaning people tell me I need to meditate. I am grateful for their point of view. AND I’m not going to buy it… what works for me right now is what works for me!!

Do you do something different than the ‘norm’ to create space, ease and peace? What unexpected thing is it that superpowers your possibilities in business? I would love to know!|